Complete Liberty - Wes Bertrand

Complete Liberty, by Wes Bertrand.
8.5 x 11 inches, 256 pages, Large Print Edition.
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There’s not a single aspect of your life that’s not affected, either directly or indirectly, by politics. So, the purpose of this book is to provide you with a clear understanding of modern politics and the proper response to it—complete liberty. My first book on the general subject, The Psychology of Liberty, was a wide-ranging philosophical treatise and was considerably longer than this one. In contrast, you’ll find that Complete Liberty has a non-scholarly, conversational style. It’s designed for that special person in your life you want to persuade, which includes yourself. This person, for some good reason or another, isn’t interested in perusing long volumes on the fine details of libertarianism or vast tomes about the workings of free market economics. While those types of books certainly have their merits, here I aim to cut to the chase.

We’ll discover what’s so special about the liberty that we humans have been missing all these years. “All these years” basically means since the time we began uttering words alongside our unfortunate Neanderthal cousins. Indeed, we’ve never experienced complete liberty as a species. Rather, we’ve continually experienced some form of oppression by groups of individuals who are interested in running our lives, making it seem as if no one has the right to live for one’s own sake. In modern times, these groups of people take the form of the State.

(From the Preface.)