Libertarian and economic perspectives on history. Ordered by title.

A Century of War - John V. Denson
A Foreign Policy of Freedom - Ron Paul
A History of American Currency - William Graham Sumner
A History of Money and Banking in the United States - Murray N. Rothard
America's Great Depression - Murray N. Rothbard
Classical Liberalism and the Austrian School - Ralph Raico
Deep Freeze - Philipp Bagus & David Howden
Early Speculative Bubbles - Douglas E. French
Education: Free & Compulsory - Murray N. Rothbard
How Diplomats Make War - Francis Neilson
Lectures on Modern History - Lord Acton
Omnipotent Government - Ludwig von Mises
Studies in Economic Nationalism - Michael A. Heilperin
The Betrayal of the American Right - Murray N. Rothbard
The Causes of the Economic Crisis - Ludwig von Mises
The Conquest of Poverty - Henry Hazlitt
The Development of Economic Doctrine - Alexander Gray
The History of Economic Thought, 2 Volumes - Murray N. Rothbard
The Myth of a Guilty Nation - Albert Jay Nock
The Origins of the Federal Reserve - Murray N. Rothbard
The Panic of 1819 - Murray N. Rothbard
The Rise and Fall of Society - Frank Chodorov
The Study of Sociology - Herbert Spencer
The Wizards of Ozymandias - Butler Shaffer
Wall Street, Banks, and American Foreign Policy - Murray N. Rothbard
War Collectivism - Murray N. Rothbard
Why American History is Not What They Say - Jeff Riggenbach