The Panic of 1819 - Murray Rothbard

The Panic of 1819, by Murray N. Rothbard.
8.5 x 11 inches, 296 pages, Large Print Edition.
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Reviews: M. Skousen, W. Baker, C. J. Maloney
The panic of 1819 was America's first great economic crisis. And this is Murray Rothbard's masterful account, the first full scholarly book on the topic and still the most definitive.

Rothbard tells the story of a disaster that could not be attributed to some specific government blunder. It seemed to originate from within the economic system itself. Its cause was not obvious to observers at the time. Confronted with something new, the panic engendered much discussion and debate about possible causes and remedies. As Rothbard observes, the panic provides "an instructive picture of a people coming to grips with the problems of a business depression, problems which, in modified forms, were to plague Americans until the present day."