Mises on Money - Gary North

Mises on Money, by Gary North.
8.5 x 11 inches, 144 pages, Large Print Edition.
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While Mises' monetary writings should be required reading for any educated citizen, it can be challenging to parse some of the technical language. That is where Gary North comes in. In Mises on Money, Dr. North lucidly explains all the essential tenets of Mises' monetary theory, with his inimitable incisiveness and style. He methodically walks the reader through such topics as the origin of money, Mises' "regression theorem", fractional reserve banking, and the Austrian Business Cycle Theory. He explains why money is not "neutral," and why price stabilization is a chimera. After reading this short work, you will have a firm understanding of Austrian monetary theory, and will be in prime condition to tackle Mises' own writings on the subject.