Rothbard vs. the Philosophers

Rothbard vs. the Philosophers,
edited by Roberta A. Modugno.
8.5 x 11 inches, 178 pages, Large Print Edition.
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Reviews: Brian Doherty.
Here is Rothbard's stunning mind at work on some of the most serious topics in philosophy, economics, and politics, originally crafted as private memos. The advantage here is that you get super-candid evaluations of the thought of the giants while avoiding the appartus of formal papers. The result is more like a series of expansive letters to the reader rather than a collection drawn from a scholarly journal.

These important essays have never been published before. In fact, they were not written for publication. They were written on assignment by a foundation that employed Rothbard to read and review books. In many ways, then, the tone is unguarded, even reckless in a wonderful way, but this serves the reader's advantage.

The payoff here is that you get both Rothbard's perspective and a clear look at the thoughts of Polanyi, Hayek, Strauss, Mises, and other great thinkers of his time