The Challenge of Liberty - Robert Jones

The Challenge of Liberty, by Robert V. Jones.
8.5 x 11 inches, 442 pages, Large Print Edition.
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Reviews: Mallory Johnson
To every age comes its own challenge, different from the challenge to any other age. Although the elements of the problem of social existence remain always the same, yet as each generation variously emphasizes or neglects particular elements of that problem, the challenge to the succeeding generation is presented in different form.

The challenge to the Occidental world in our time is to maintain liberty, as individual freedom of action and as the social order providing such freedom. Our generation, the recipient of such a heritage of liberty as few other societies have ever obtained, has become oblivious to its riches by reason of their abundance. Careless of our inheritance, we now face the challenge of maintaining it, and the danger is great that it may be lost.